Ingredients matter. The final product is only as good as the ingredients that went into it. The very best chocolates are every bit as complex and nuanced as the best wines and coffees. We use a number of chocolates from Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Venezuela, each of which is among the best. While it is our primary ingredient, we treat all of our ingredients with the same respect and reverence that we have for chocolate. We use only the best.

Technique matters. We make all of our chocolates and confections by hand, using traditional, time honored, artisanal techniques. Each chocolate and confection is made by hand, inspected by hand, and packaged by hand. This level of attention to detail produces chocolates that are unattainable by machines and automation.

Passion matters. Passion dictates that we use the best ingredients when lesser ingredients are cheaper and more easily attained. Passion drives us to make our products by hand instead of using machines that can mass produce at less expense. Passion requires far greater time and effort, but all of this is rewarded in the final product.


Milk and dark chocolate ganache blended with amaretto, layered on almond praline, and enrobed in dark chocolate

Bananas Foster

Ripe organic bananas blended with rum and white chocolate in a dark chocolate shell

Blackberry Ginger

Blackberry pate du fruits topping a diary free 'milk' chocolate (made with almond flour, cocoa butter and sugar) ganache infused with fresh, organic ginger.

Caramel Pecan Turtle

Caramel with toasted pecans covered in dark chocolate and edible gold luster dust


A 72% dark chocolate ganache made with coconut cream and a bit of coconut Malibu Rum in a dark chocolate shell- a taste of the tropics done dairy free!

Dulce Blonde

Soft caramel blended with Dulce de Leche liqueur layered with blond [caramelized white] chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell


Dark chocolate ganache infused with Italian roast espresso in a dark chocolate shell

Hazelnut Latte

Hazelnut and chocolate paste with a layer of espresso ganache, topped with a creamy vanilla bean white chocolate ganache

Key Lime Pie

White chocolate ganache infused with lime and topped with lime jelly in a white chocolate shell


Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate blended ganache infused with lavender in a dark chocolate shell

Long's Peak

Layers of Tahitian vanilla bean ganache, milk chocolate ganache and white and dark chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell

Mango Coconut

Mango Pate du Fruit layered with a white chocolate coconut ganache and enrobed in dark chocolate.

Mexican Mole Caramel

Soft caramel infused with Mexican mole spices and a touch of habanero chili in a dark chocolate shell


A creamy white chocolate ganache blended with orange juice and champagne extract in a dark chocolate shell.

Mint Chocolate Chip

White chocolate peppermint ganache with mini chocolate chips in a dark chocolate shell

Passion Fruit Honey

Milk chocolate ganache blended with passion fruit and honey in a dark chocolate shell

Chocolate Caramel Fleur de Sel

Caramel layered with chocolate caramel and sea salt in a dark chocolate shell

Peanut Butter Cup

Natural peanut butter blended with Colorado honey in a dark chocolate shell


Two layers of ganache, a dark chocolate and a white chocolate, both flavored with pistachio paste and enrobed in a dark chocolate shell.

Raspberry Heart

Dark chocolate raspberry ganache in a dark chocolate shell.


Pomegranate dark chocolate ganache layered with Pomegranate pâte de fruit [fruit geleé or jelly] enrobed in dark chocolate

Richardo's Coffee Caramel

A creamy caramel ganache blended with Richardo's Decaf Coffee Liqueur (created in Longmont) and blended with milk and dark chocolate in a dark chocolate shell.

Strawberry Balsamic

A creamy strawberry ganache layered with a dark chocolate ganache blended with a balsamic reduction in a dark chocolate shell.

Picture coming soon!

Sweet Corn Caramel

Sweet Corn Caramel - Caramel sauce layered with a hazelnut and corn nut praline, in a milk chocolate shell. A single origin bonbon!

Very Berry Raspberry

A raspberry ganache topped with raspberry pâte de fruit [fruit geleé or jelly] in a dark chocolate shell - a dairy free option

Maple Bourbon

Dark chocolate ganache blended with pure maple syrup and bourbon in a dark chocolate shell.