About Robin Chocolates

Our goal is to produce the very best chocolates and confections that we can. In order to do this, we use great ingredients, artisanal techniques, and intense passion to create consistently high-quality chocolates and confections.

Ingredients matter. The final product is only as good as the ingredients that went into it. The very best chocolates are every bit as complex and nuanced as the best wines and coffees. We use a number of chocolates from Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Venezuela, each of which is among the best. While it is our primary ingredient, we treat all of our ingredients with the same respect and reverence that we have for chocolate. We use only the best.

Technique matters. We make all of our chocolates and confections by hand, using traditional, time honored, artisanal techniques. Each chocolate and confection is made by hand, inspected by hand, and packaged by hand. This level of attention to detail produces chocolates that are unattainable by machines and automation.

Passion matters. Passion dictates that we use the best ingredients when lesser ingredients are cheaper and more easily attained. Passion drives us to make our products by hand instead of using machines that can mass produce at less expense. Passion requires far greater time and effort, but all of this is rewarded in the final product.